Sound is  medicine

Experience deep inner journeys thanks to the sound of ancient instruments

1:1 sound session

ONLINE | 1 session - 60 mins

experience deep relaxation and release

You will be guided into a state of total body and mind relaxation similar to sleep during which self-healing, visions, visualization, inspiration, ideas, and insights can take place. After a sound session, you will feel reinvigorated, replenished, more creative, more relaxed, with an open mind and a clearer focus.

Enter a deeply meditative experience even if you struggle with regular meditation.

customized sound meditation

Lenght of the recording: 45 mins approximately 

Experience deep relaxation, release, and visualizations

You'll be guided into a deep state of relaxation of the mind and the body similar to sleep. In this state, your body and mind will be able to let go and absorb reassuring words and affirmations, accompanied by the sound of healing instruments and frequencies.


Each word and sound will be designed and customized to your specific needs in order to alleviate your worries and anxiety, have an extraordinary calming and reassuring effect on your mind and soul, help you connect more with yourself, and focus on your deepest desires.


During the meditation, you might go through intense emotional release, visions, visualizations, and get intuitive ideas or inspiration.

get to know me


Hello! I'm Silvia, and I'll be guiding our sound session together.


I'm a certified transformational coach, sound meditation creator, and ecstatic dance facilitator.


My mission is to create safe spaces for sensitive and creative people to get in touch with their inner world, discover their full potential and express who they truly are. ​


Through 1:1 coaching programs, sound meditations, circles, events, and free form dance, I help sensitive and creative souls connect with their intuition, release emotions, rebalance their energy, express with confidence, rewire their old stories and limiting beliefs, and experience freedom and lightness in their body, mind, and soul.


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