Find your truest self and get in touch with your soul

It's time for you to step into your power and embrace your most authentic self.

soul awakenings

I'm an intuitive transformational coach, sound meditation creator, and ecstatic dance facilitator.
My mission is to create safe spaces for sensitive and creative people to get in touch with their inner world, discover their full potential and express who they truly are.

Through 1:1 coaching programs, sound meditations, circles, events, and free form dance, I help sensitive and creative souls connect with their intuition, release emotions, rebalance their energy, express with confidence, become aware of survival beliefs, and experience freedom and lightness in their body, mind, and soul.

what I do


 sound sessions to help you get in tune with your inner world

Through the power of relaxing sound therapy sessions and meditations, I can help you release feelings of stuckness, stress, and frustration, deepen your connection with yourself, your creative flow, and your intuition, and guide you through higher states of consciousness.


group events &  circles

Online events and in-person rituals - 60/90/120 mins

Experience a deep journey to reconnect with yourself and others

Deep healing session during which I guide a group of people through powerful practices such as meditation, sound therapy, ecstatic dance, journaling, circle singing. When in-person, the attendees will be offered tea, golden milk, cacao, or other nourishing drinks. 


transformational coaching for creative and sensitive souls

Being a creative and sensitive soul in this world can be a lonely and challenging path. Confusion, lack of focus, uncertainty, perfectionism, self-doubt, overwhelm - they all keep you stuck in a life that doesn't fulfill you.

Imagine connecting with whom you were born to be before the world told you who you had to be. How would it feel to clear what's blocking you from expressing your true identity and live your most creative and empowered life?

I want to support you in building a fulfilling and authentic creative life. It's time for you to give yourself permission to express your most authentic self uninhibitedly, discover your purpose, and pursue your passions unapologetically!

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