sound is medicine

Experience deep inner journeys thanks to the sound of ancient instruments

Sound has been used as a healing and calming tool for thousands of years because of its way of helping us get closer to a sense of inner peace and presence.

During a sound therapy session, you will be guided into a very deep state of relaxation of the body similar to sleep - while your mind will still be completely focused and awake. In this way, you'll be able to fully enter the present moment, find immediate relief from the worries and spiraling thoughts, and have the chance to release emotions and stuck energy.

A sound therapy session can alleviate stress, allow emotional release, induce harmony in the body, and facilitate healing both on a physical and mental level.

A boost for intuition and creativity

By lowering the noise in your mind and switching your attention to your inner world, you will be able to create the space and the calm needed for intuitive nudges, ideas, and answers to come to you.

 Intuition can arise only when you make space and time for it - no wonder why your best ideas and creative inspiration always come when you are not engaged with the outside world.


You need to switch off the external noise, quiet the mind and be still, to be able to listen to your inner wisdom. It’s vital to find time to step away, switch from reaction mode to a place of intention.

By practicing meditation regularly, you can train yourself to enter a state of flow, and trust your intuition instead of judging and questioning your energetic sensations. You can cultivate a heightened awareness and begin to witness a series of spontaneous right choices in your lives. 

Sound therapy is a powerful meditation tool that can help you get in touch with the present moment. In this way, your body, mind, and soul will literally become more open to receiving new ideas. 


After a sound therapy session, you will feel reinvigorated, replenished, more creative, relaxed, with an open mind and a clearer focus. ​

The link between meditation and creativity is very deep - in the end, creativity itself is a form of meditation. What you reach during meditation is a state of flow and presence - the same state you enter while creating music, art...

Sound therapy is a powerful meditation tool that can help you get in touch with your body and soul in the present moment.
After a sound therapy session, you will feel reinvigorated, replenished, more creative, relaxed, with an open mind and a clearer focus.

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how does sound therapy work?

Everything in this world vibrates at a certain sound frequency - so does your body.


The human body can be compared to an orchestra where each organ, tissue, and cell is a different instrument, has different tones, overtones, and unique attributes that have to be tuned in order to play harmoniously together.​


Sound Therapy is based on the principle of sympathetic resonance - one vibrating object causes another to vibrate in harmony with it, and match its rate of vibration.


In this way, the sound frequencies produced during a sound therapy session can re-harmonize and re-balance the vibrations in your body and benefit your overall health.

Sound Therapy also uses brainwave entrainment - a method to stimulate the brain into entering a specific state by using certain sound frequencies. During a sound session, your brainwave activity will be able to slow down and shift from an active state (beta state) into a more introspective, relaxed, and balanced state (alpha state). ​

The frequency of your body will start synchronizing with the frequency of the sounds you hear, and your brainwave activity will slow down, quietening the thinking mind.

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Enter a deeply meditative experience even if you struggle with regular meditation.

1:1 sound session

ONLINE | 1 session - 45 mins

experience deep relaxation and release


You will be guided into a state of total body and mind relaxation similar to sleep during which self-healing, visions, visualization, inspiration, ideas, and insights can take place. After a sound session, you will feel reinvigorated, replenished, more creative, more relaxed, with an open mind and a clearer focus.


Hello! I'm Silvia, and I'll guide you through your sound therapy session.


I'm a certified transformational coach, sound meditation creator, and ecstatic dance facilitator.


My mission is to create safe spaces for sensitive and creative people to get in touch with their inner world, discover their full potential and express who they truly are. ​


Through 1:1 coaching programs, sound meditations, circles, events, and free form dance, I help sensitive and creative souls connect with their intuition, release emotions, rebalance their energy, express with confidence, rewire their old stories and limiting beliefs, and experience freedom and lightness in their body, mind, and soul.


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