~ what if rest could supercharge your creativity? ~

But wait! If I rest, how can I be creative...

...Oh, there's no authentic creativity without rest, my dear.


this workshop is for you if...

~ You are a hustler: you are in a costant state of "DOING"

~ You strive for perfection and overwork yourself because of that

~ You are focused on "reaching a certain level" and so you struggle to enjoy the process

~ You seek for inspiration from the work of others

~ You struggle to connect with the fun and "magic" side of creativity


~ You have an overactive mind and you struggle to let go of control on your creative flow


~ You struggle to find balance and own natural creative rhythm


After the Workshop, you will..

~ Understand what's holding your back from being your best creative Self

~ Feel encouraged, enlivened + connected to your creative spark

~ Be a clear channel for inspiration & ideas

~ Be able to embrace more rest & stillness into your life

~ Be able to let go of the need to constantly DO to prove your worth

~ Have resources + tools to explore your intuitive, imaginative creative energy

~Align with your own creative rhythm: you'll know when to be still, and when to take action

~ Feel restored and ready to bring your ideas into the world



I struggled to
allow myself
to rest for a
very long time. 

I've always been VERY GOOD at being busy. I used to wear “busy” like a badge of honor - as evidence that my life was full. As a very ambitious woman, resting would make me feel guilty and lazy. Having a "full" life made me feel good about myself.

But, in reality, I was overachieving things I didn't even really wanted.


I wasn't really feeling like my life was "full" - in the sense of fulfilling. Deep down, I was feeling stuck in a hamster well.


I wanted to create and share and express so much from my heart space, but I used to feel so drained that my mind was completely burned out. Sometimes, even just entertaining the idea of being creative would create overwhelm.


YET, I couldn't stop DOING. Achieving. Being productive. I felt it was my responsibility. I felt it was my duty, what I had to do to be accepted and valued as a human being.


I wasn't spending much time on things I loved to do (mostly creative stuff). I wasn't doing any things I used to love when I was a kid. I wasn't singing. I wasn't playing around with instruments . I wasn't dancing. I wasn't expressing myself in anyway that was truly, really, ONLY MINE. And that kid still inside of me was really suffering.

I had a job in the creative field as a designer, so I felt that somehow I was expressing my creative side. WRONG - I was just draining my creative energy to do something that honestly, deep down, I had zero connection with. It wasn't mine. It wasn't authentic. It was almost being squeezed out of me. Something that definitely didn't make my heart sing - only my ego comfortable.


"I don't have enough time for the things I love" - was my most frequent thought. Everything in my life felt so time-consuming, even the things I was supposed to find pleasurable - like going out with friends, traveling... I felt like I never really had enough time to just REST and do nothing.


And, instead of slowing down to create more time, I kept speeding up, believing that the only way to finally get some free time was to be faster and more efficient.


I understood
I had to slow down,
instead of speeding up.

Slowing down meant starting to deal with a lot of unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and insecurities I had around my creative expression. Feelings I had suppressed, that finally found time and space to arise.


They needed to be felt and processed for my authentic creative essence to truly & fully bloom.


And that's when I realized that I was actually AFRAID of rest. Being "busy" was not only a way for me to feel worthy, but also a coping mechanism to escape my own emotions.

Feelings of not being good enough, not being worthy. The ABSOLUTE need to be perfect in any of my creative outlets - that resulted in a lot of procrastination and self-sabotage.


All this mental overwhelm, all this emotional resistance going on in the back on my head was draining all my energy, and creating the illusion I had no time. I had to run. I couldn't stop.

Slowing down meant being with the discomfort of what was going on inside of me. It meant learning to tune in with my body and its needs.⁠


It meant giving less power to all the strong opinions that my mind had on rest.⁠ "⁠Resting? AGAIN? You just rested 2 days ago! ⁠What’s wrong with you? You’re a lazy ass! ⁠What are you, a wreck? ⁠If you rest for too long, you'll never be able to get back on track!"⁠

In the end, it meant being way less attached to the "truths" of my thinking mind, that wanted me always ready & productive. It meant starting to living intentionally grounded in the wisdom of my body, instead of being stuck in my thought loops.


I started proving to myself that, despite what my mind was saying, my body would always tell me which one was my own best "rhythm".


I was not going to find the best schedule to be creative in a book or productivity hack.⁠ It was already written in my body, because the nature of my body was the same of all Nature: a cyclical one. Naturally swinging between moments of DOING and moments of just BEING.


I noticed how my body knew when to relax and when to be productive - it was its nature to know. I didn't have to force anything - just get to know my own rhythm, embrace it, and trust it.


and that's when...

my creativity really started to bloom. 

It's been a leap of faith. My mind was so stuck in feelings of guilt, in the fear of being lazy, irresponsible.

But I kept going. I trusted the process. And, at some point, I started witnessing myself almost being flooded with creative ideas and intuitive nudges. Flooded with a completely new energy, an extremely inspiring creative flow.

In a very short period of time, I witnessed myself being able to come up with ideas, create and express way more than I could have ever imagined. I became able to move forward on my creative and business path at such a speed that I thought I could only achieve with tons of time. It was creativity on steroids.

I started feeling like a portal of ideas and creativity coming from a very special place. Like a channel had opened inside my body. I was receiving new, fresh energy.


I had allowed myself to slow down, my body to soften and open up, and finally my intuition had space to talk to me. Finally creative energy was able to flow through me.

I really started FLOWING with my creativity, instead of wanting at any cost to force it in a certain direction. Allowing it to guide me instead of guiding it. Receiving it instead of looking for it. I was allowing my creativity to just BE - ditching any expectations, any needs for perfectionism or approval.

It wasn't anymore about what I wanted or thought I had to create to "fit it". It was about something greater - a urge, a need to express things that were coming, arriving to me, even if they were messy, and imperfect, even if they didn't make sense trusting that there was a greater design behind that. And to do that in my own way, though different and diverse creative outlets - my voice, my body, new instruments, my writing, my business offers.

Through regular rest, my body had became able to access an intuitive and deep wisdom that, honestly, I wasn't able to explain with logic and words.


I could only start dancing with it!

No more squeezing creativity out of you... Yes to receiving creativity gracefully!

Let's do this together!

MODULE 1: AWARENESS | Being BUSY: the Enemy of Creativity

~ Struggling To Rest & Slow Down
~ DOING Energy: Creating From Fear
~ Leaning Into The Discomfort Of Stillness

MODULE 2: LISTENING | Embracing the Energy of BEING & RECEIVING

~ Reconnecting With Body & Emotions
~ BEING Energy: Creating From The Soul

MODULE 3: ALIGNMENT | Embracing Your Own Creative Flow

~ Letting The Flow, FLOW
~ The Balance Between BEING & DOING
~ Creating A Schedule That Works For You

The modules are pre-recorded and will be released weekly. You can explore the content at your own pace. There won't be Live sessions.

What you will get...

  • Three 90-minute Modules released weekly

  • Background information on energy source, energy centers, intentional rest, cyclical creativity & intuition

  • A powerful creative energy activation to get in touch with your own body + intuition & allow a more authentic creative flow into your life

  • Weekly integration tools: workbooks & assignments with journaling prompts to get in touch with your emotions, fears & release blocks

  • Optional: 1 x 45-minute 1:1 coaching session with me to dive deeper into your unique situation & experience

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I'm Biancaluna, and I'll be guiding our 3-week workshop together.


I'm an intuitive transformational coach, sound meditation creator, ecstatic dance & circles facilitator.


My mission is to create safe spaces for sensitive and creative people to get in touch with their inner world, discover their full potential and express who they truly are. ​


Through 1:1 coaching, sound meditations, circles, events, courses, and embodiment practices, I help sensitive and creative souls release emotions, identify their own wounds and inner conflicts, rebalance their energy, connect with their intuition, express with confidence, and experience freedom in their body, mind, and soul.

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