Dance Is Medicine: Reconnecting With Myself Through Dancing

I always loved to dance. When I was a kid, I used to take ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, and modern dance classes, and also dance by myself all the time. It was just really natural for me to move my body to music. One day, one of my teachers told me I wasn't flexible enough to dance properly, so I thought that dancing just wasn't the right thing for me. For a long time, I ended up having a very narrow vision of dance and relegating it to a weekend activity associated only with partying.

Now that I've started dancing again, and in multiple ways - both dance classes and conscious dancing - I understand how dance is much more than just moving the body. I now see dance through a completely new pair of glasses, and I can feel myself changing from the inside out thanks to dance.

Dancing freely requires self-awareness and self-acceptance. Movement is really helping me explore myself - I'm reconnecting with my body and rediscovering who I truly am. It's like a deep medicine: I'm becoming more curious and attentive to my desires and intuition and more confident in my power and abilities.

Dance Is Medicine: Reconnecting with Myself Through Dancing

Dance Is Boosting My Creativity And Coordination

Being passionate about arts (not just dance) opens the doors of imagination and separates us from all the chaos surrounding us. I can see how dance is having a huge impact on the creative part of my brain, boosting my imagination and visualization skills.

Also, dancing involves a lot of multitasking, and it's improving my coordination dramatically. As I practice more and get deeper into dance, I can see that my brain's response time is reducing, and my reflexes are getting quicker.

Dance Is Helping Me Reconnect With My Inner Child

The inner child is that part of us that most people tend to completely ignore and try to shut down once they become adults. The problem with this is that the inner child actually needs to be listened to. It holds our true essence, our true passions, and callings. It's who we truly are before all the fears, the doubts, and the judgment.

Reconnecting with our inner child is a lot about all the things we loved to do when we were young, the activities that we could spend hours and hours doing - without really caring about the outcome, without worrying if we were good at them. When we were children, we just did whatever we wanted to do because we just wanted to have fun. We were pure human beings, and we felt free to be 100% ourselves. We didn't spend our time asking ourselves, Should I do this or not? Should I waste my time on this? I don't know, I'm not sure if I'm able to do that. Those are all adult fears.

What I really loved to do when I was a child was singing, dancing, acting, and DJing, but I ended up pushing all these things away for many years. Also, among the four, dancing became to be the activity I felt less confident in - I never believed I could be really good at dancing and move harmoniously. Now that I'm welcoming these activities in my life again, I feel so much happier. Re-exploring these lovely memories is like healing a wound, and it's bringing back the magic, wonder and curiosity of my childhood times.

Dance Is Teaching Me About Confidence And Limiting Beliefs

It's been challenging to start taking dance classes again. I was full of emotions - excited to be in a dance studio again after all those years, but it also intimidating. At first, I could really feel how disconnected from my body I was, how little control I had over my body sensations and coordination, and how little freedom I was putting in my movements. I often felt odd, frustrated, not able to open up. I couldn't feel confident enough to relax and just have fun.

Being in front of a mirror, facing myself and my body, it's been uncomfortable. I needed to face my limiting beliefs and insecurities about my body, my look and appearance. When you're moving in front of a mirror, you tend to notice all your technical weaknesses - that's why you need to constantly challenge yourself to focus on what you want to achieve rather than your mistakes.

It also required me to face the belief I absorbed from my childhood of not being good enough, "not made for dancing". We tend to think that dancing skills are inherent, that someone is either born with them or not. Many dance teachers tend to make people feel wrong because they can't do something at their first attempts. But maybe, those people only need more practice and a bit of encouragement. Maybe it will take me a little more time than others, maybe I won't become super flexible, but I will still be able to dance and express myself through it.

The truth is that everyone can dance. Yes, some people are more inclined to coordination, sense of rhythm, and flexibility - but with time and practice, those skills can be learned and developed by anybody.

Dance Is Giving Me Freedom From My Mind As I'm Becoming Able To Control It

When I dance, I feel free. Not only it's physically liberating, but it's also a natural way to stay in my body and get out of my own head - and let's be honest, we spend so much time inside our heads.

But this is not because when I dance I don't use my brain - dancing is actually one of the most conscious states of mind. Think about it: you need to listen to music, grasp the rhythm, coordinate that rhythm with movements, and also express them with facial expressions. All these processes require not just using the brain but to have complete control over it.

Dancing is really pushing me to be physically, emotionally, and mentally present, all at the same time. It's no coincidence that, during my dance classes, I tend to forget my steps when I get nervous. When I focus just on my technique or my improvement, I always end up feeling stuck in my head. I get frustrated, I hold extra tension, and I find it hard to let go. It's like a constant gym for the mind.

Dance Is Helping Me To Release Stuck Emotions

They say dance is the hidden language of the soul, and I believe it's true. I recently discovered that the word emotions comes from the Latin verb emovere, which means to move, move out, or move through. This means that emotions are the essence of movement, a major part of how we move.

Through dance and movement, we are able to express an infinite number of feelings, subtle moods, and emotions and communicate them physically by allowing them to move through the body and out of the body. Dance is emotion in motion because it encourages self-expression.

I've been reading a lot about emotions and understood how they are not just ideas in our heads; they are physically embodied. The way we feel affects the way we move. We tend to hold our unexpressed emotions inside our bodies, as muscle tension and self-conscious movements. For example, when I'm anxious, I usually get very tense, while when I'm confident, I stand tall and at ease.

To me, dance is one of the best ways to release emotions stuck inside my body - it's such a liberating and open way to express myself. It's like dance uses the body as an instrument to express itself.

How powerful is that?

Dance Is Helping Me Express My Emotions And Be Vulnerable

Since feelings are meant to be express through movements, I'm discovering that dancing freely is about putting all of my feelings in my dancing. This is what makes dance so beautiful and touching - when those movements have a sense of purpose.

That's why dancing is helping me not to fear my emotions but to challenge them. I'm learning not to resist my body and express the emotions I feel through my dancing. It's not easy - it's a vulnerable place, and it requires me to really put myself out there and accept that people might not like the way I dance and be okay with that.

This means that, as I practice, I need to let go of the fear of being judged by others watching me while I express myself through dance. It's exactly like the fear of expressing our feelings through words - but it's through movements. What holds us back from expressing ourselves freely is always the fear of being rejected, belittled, embarrassed, ashamed when we are seen being expressive.

Expressing genuine emotions with your motions literally puts your heart on the line. Dancing is helping me practice a new emotional strength so that I can really give myself authentically, not just while moving my body, but in all areas of my life.

Dance Is Teaching Me About Being Authentic No Matter What

Expressing true emotions through dance means showing up authentically. If others don’t like my moves or judge me for it – that’s their issue. Of course, it affects me, but I'm learning that I can’t control how other people will respond. Some people will like the way I move; others won’t. It’s out of my hands.

What I am in control of is myself: how I express myself, how honest I am in what I do, and the way I treat myself when someone doesn’t appreciate me.

It's scary and hard to be authentic, but it's always the best option. Not only in dance, but in life in general: all we can do is be true to ourselves and keep expressing without holding back. That’s what we are here to do as human beings! You will only find your place in the world by being true to yourself.

Dancing is just a way of expressing, and some people find it hard because they are just scared to express themselves in general. They are probably holding themselves back in other areas of their life as well. The truth is, the ability of dancing is something innate in humans. Think about how quickly babies respond to music! It happens because they are just moving uninhibitedly. Everyone can dance - you can lie, crawl, walk, run, sit, squat, bend, jump... right? You just need to develop the awareness and instinct for rhythmic movement. You only need to let go - of shame, embarrassment, pride, and prejudice. Dance requires you to trust in yourself. It's ultimately a matter of letting the fear go and merge with the music, with the intent to express your emotions. Start just by dancing in your room, by yourself, with your eyes closed - move your body on the music, get dissolved in the sound. Let the body movements become one with the music. The more you'll do it, the more you'll feel free to let your body go and be yourself!

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