a podcast for sensitive creators


A podcast for all the creatives & sensitives ready to step into their power and embrace their soul purpose.

Do you feel stuck in a life that doesn't fulfill you?

Did you always feel called for something more than the "average" kind of life?

Do you feel like you need to hide or change who you are and what you want to fit in?

Do you have something to say and express - creative gifts and skills that you struggle to share with the world?

I get it. I've been there so many times and felt wrong about myself for most of my life. I couldn't find a way to express my true essence so I ended up hiding it. 


But I'm finally discovering my true potential and allowing myself to create the life I've always desired, and embrace my most authentic self. 


I want you to come along on this path with me - it's time for you to start a self-discovery journey and awake your true power as well!


It's time for you to give yourself permission to be your most authentic self and embody your purpose, allowing what's inside of you to be shown and expressed - without fitting in all the boxes and labels that society gave you.



I'm Biancaluna, and I'm the host of the Creative Authentic Awake Podcast.


I'm an intuitive transformational coach, sound meditation creator, ecstatic dance & circles facilitator, and singer at heart.


My mission is to create safe spaces for sensitive and creative people to get in touch with their inner world, discover their full potential and express who they truly are. ​


Through 1:1 coaching, sound meditations, circles, events, courses, and embodiment practices, I help sensitive and creative souls release emotions, identify their own wounds and inner conflicts, rebalance their energy, connect with their intuition, express with confidence, and experience freedom in their body, mind, and soul.

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