~ reclaim your authentic expression & embrace your creative purpose ~

No more staying small.

No more dimming your creative light to please others.

It's time to let your truth be expressed and your light shine.

It's time to embody the Creator you already are!


that voice that says you can't... It's not you.

You came here for a reason, dear soul.


You came here, on this planet, in this moment in history, to express your most authentic and purest self through your creative gifts. 

These amazing gifts you have can be of amazing service to the entire world, can contribute to make the world a better and more beautiful, harmonious & conscious place.

You are here to share a message through your creations, to raise awareness, to shake consciousness, to express new ideas.


You are here to be yourself. To embody your Soul in physical form.

And this is not just a possibility for you. This is your RESPONSIBILITY. This is your purpose.

And yes, there might a voice in your head laughing at you and  saying: WHAT? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? WHO ARE YOU TO DO THIS?


Your fears are trying to censor your dreams. But deep down, in your heart, you always knew you were destined to create impact on the world.

And that's why you are here, that's why you feel called to do this work.

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The voice in your head telling you that you can't create the vision you hold in your heart, is lying to you. You are not that voice. Your truest essence, your Soul, is endless and can create anything you can imagine.

But how can you tap into what voice?

Well my dear Soul, if you are here, it's because so far you've been approaching creativity from a place of FEAR. Pushing things out, striving for perfectionism, never feeling good enough, fearing failure and other people opnions. Forcing yourself to create. Squeezing creativity out of you. Overworking yourself.

You probably kept focusing on this question: "What can I DO to create something really impactful? What can I DO to really stand out and be seen? What can I DO to make a living out of my creations?"

DO, DO, DO. You focused all of your attention on DOING and worrying about doing - not your fault: the entire world around you has been vibrating at the energy of DOING. The world has always been expecting you to DO the most you could.

Maybe you tried so many things, you pushed yourself into many different creative outlets, projects and ideas, hoping to finally find THE ONE that could be right for you.

And I'm sure those were all great life experiences, and that you learned a lot from them. They were part of your path. But I'm here to tell you that you can finally slow down, now. Because your creative purpose is nowhere to be found out there, in the world. The outside world can't show you the perfect idea, can't assign the right creative role to you and can't fully recognize your creative expression - because you are a unique, complex and ever evolving creature.

The only place where you can find this recognition is INSIDE YOURSELF. The only place where you can start receiving nudges guiding you towards your true creative purpose in inside yourself. Instead of keep searching for all the answer OUTSIDE, it's time to start looking INSIDE.

Because it's not really about what you DO, but what you ARE, your energy, your vibration, the essence that you embody that will let you create in alignment with who you really are. When you let yourself express your most authentic essence, your will radiate that unique energy naturally into the world, through everything you will create. You don't need to keep doing and never stopping anymore - you can slow down & let yourself be.

You came here to create impact and have fun while doing it. Not to force yourself to do and never rest, and do something that is not really yours. Not to create things just to "get by" and pay the bills.

It's time for you to start entertaining a bigger vision, a higher reality for yourself. Start shifting from just settling with the "bare minimum" of welcoming what's actually possible to be created through you and what's even beyond that.

How? By letting yourself express and embody your truth. That's how you will be able to create at your highest potential, by following what your Soul truly desires.

If you feel called to create things that are TRULY aligned with who you are, you have the responsibility to get to know yourself & learn to embrace your essence. How can you create authentically if you can't be authentic in the first place?

So, dear Soul, the answers are all inside of you. The spark, the creative fire, what makes your heart sing, is already inside of you. You just need to learn how to listen.

And my mission, right now, today, is to guide you through this learing process.

Because learning to be yourself by listening to your inner world is, truly, your biggest superpower.

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~ Where you're not forced to do all the things you thought you HAD to do to be CREATIVE ~



Escaping the uncomfortable emotions connected to your creative wounds & insecurities


Controling how & when ideas are going to come and things are going to be created

Creating from fear, anxiety, lack, worry

Striving for perfectionism

Needing to be productive all the time

Judging, reprimanding, shaming yourself

Overworking, hustling and exhausting yourself

Constantly creating stuff to prove your worth 

Pushing creative ideas out of you

Looking around to see what's working

Searching for inspiration in others

Competing or comparing your creations to others' creations

Overgiving or undervaluing yourself and your creations

Subscribing to the myth of the starving artist

Becoming someone you're not to make money

Convincing people of the value of your creativity

Creating only to make money

& YES TO...

Embracing all of your emotions and alchemizing them as a sacred fuel for your creative purpose

Making time & space to listen to your intuitive ideas

Creating cycles of rest & creation

Creating a connection between you and the creative energy that wants to move through you

Opening up to receive creative energy and becoming a portal of creativity

Tapping into all the infinite creative opportunities that are beyond your understanding

Becoming a true visionary

Embracing a more natural & flowy way to create

Feeling connected with you inner strenght and your ability to bring powerful ideas into the world

Claiming your right to create abundance & being financially supported by sharing your creations

Making money by being more authentic & liberated

Creating things that naturally exude value

Creating from the love of your art & naturally generating potency & magnetism from this love

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You can create deep stuff only by being deeply connected to yourself. Only by coming back to your internal world, source from within, keep charging our own internal energy, over and over again.

Connecting to your true self means letting go of all the parts that you have adopted that are not you. It means letting go of the idea of "how things must be done". To embrace the powerful Creator you are, you will need to go within & release all the wounding, programming and conditioning telling you that you are not. 

You will need to meet your shadows. You will need to go within and start embracing your emotions, sensations, needs and desires with curiosity. You will need to let yourself be vulnerable.

You will need to embrace a new paradigm for yourself. No more creating and expressing and living from the mind, from fear - start creating, expressing and living from the body, the heart, the Soul. 

In this way, your acts of CREATIONS, your DOING, will naturally align with your BEING. You will learn to know yourself, and naturally your creative actions will be aligned with your truth. Your DOING & CREATING will become something natural, not forced, a direct expression of who you are. A creative power that has always been a part of you, that you will finally start integrating into yourself instead of pushing it away or rejecting it.

And your DOING, your creative acts, will always be different. Your creative purpose will keep evolving because it will be a reflection of you, an ever evolving creature.

Your creativity will become fluid, because your are fluid. It will become a constant discovery, and adventure, a beautiful flow that you won't need to pilot nor control anymore. You will only need to learn how to dance with it.

Things will start to shift quickly once you will start looking for your own creative power within instead of without. 

Because you are an energetic being, dear Soul, and your energy affects your entire reality. The more you will work on,
heal & embrace even the deepest parts of yourself, the more your energy will shift and pull you closer to your creative purpose.

 It's going to be a wonderful path, but also a dark and scary path, at times. You might feel like Alice falling into the rabbit hole. A lot of things will start shifting upside down in front of your very eyes. A lot of things won't make sense anymore, and you won't accept to stay under certain terms anymore.

This is a very transformational path. It's not just about creativity. It's a spiritual awakening, a revolution that you choose to create for yourself.

And if you've been called to this page, this means that this transformation IS AVAILABLE to you. You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready for this.

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Emotions are primal energy in motion in your body, and they always come to bring a message to you.

If you let them move through you with curiosity instead of repressing them, you can use the message of that energy and channel it into a creative act.

The organic and intuitive wisdom of your emotions is extremely valuable - because feeling emotions is what moves you and activates your vital energy.


If you are here, it means that so far you had a hard time listening to your emotions, letting them move through you. Maybe this has always scared you, it never made you feel safe. This is normal - there is nothing wrong with you. Probably no one has ever taught you how to welcome your emotions. You probably grew up in an environment where feeling emotions was not welcomed. The vast majority of us did. And so the only thing you could do to feel safe was to learn how to repress them.

But numbing emotions and being disconneced from what moves you creates lack of motivation, lack of passion, lack of desire. It means blocking the flow of creative energy to fully move through you.


Our coaching journey together will be your safe space where you will finally learn to meet your emotions, welcome them with curiosity and kindness to understand what message they want to send you.


Instead of fighting your emotions, trying to fix them or moving "beyond" them, you will be invited to create a new relationship with them.


You will learn to trust the wisdom of your body. You will learn to move past the need to rationalize your emotions & create logical meaning around them, and learn to simply FEEL the sensations you feel in the BODY when an emotion visits you. It will be a gradual but intense process of emotional alchemy, through which you will reconnect with the rejected & most precious parts of yourself.


You will understand that emotions moving through your body are actually a real BLESSING - they are an invitation to return to yourself, to awaken to yourself, to who you really are.


Why is this work important? Because all of your creative acts start with your emotions - repressing your emotions will always lead you to create in a way that is not aligned with your Soul. You won't be able to listen to your deep yearnings. You won't be able to communicate what you truly desire to expressed.

Yes, it's a vulnerable work. But by doing this work, your creativity will become magnetic - there will be no walls anymore, no filters, no masks.

Image by Annie Spratt



All of your creative acts start with your emotions. To be able to align with your Soul, you will need to align with your emotions by learning to stay in the body and be present with the feelings coming up. Recognizing your creative power means freeing yourself, freeing your expression by welcoming the full spectrum of emotions. It means facing the dense emotions trapped inside of you by meeting those parts of you that you pushed away - your shadows. You will learn to trust the wisdom of your body, trust that it knows how to move energy if you let it. You will learn to connect with your energetic portals (chakras) and alchemyze the dense emotions you will find there. You will learn to tune into the FEELINGS you feel in the BODY when an emotion visits you, rather than processing them with your mind and attaching a certain meaning to them. You will go through this process with curiosity, compassion and kindness towards yourself.

inner child visualizations, emotional alchemy practices, shadow work, sound meditations


Creating from the Soul means creating from Love instead of fear and lack - because that's what makes your work powerful. You will dismantle the social conditioning that creates the need of perfectionism, the need to hustle and accomplish certain "standards" at any costs by recognizing how these are inauthentic cultural constructs and expectations that never belonged to you in the first place. You will slowly allow yourselt to embody who you are, your true Soul - not who society or others told you/expect you to be. You will lean how slowing down can let yourself live and create from the present moment instead of creating from fear. You will explore phases of the creative process that you never been taught or allowed yourself to embrace. You will learn how to create in harmony with your Soul by balancing the energy of DOING (masculine) with the refreshing energy of BEING (feminine). You will embrace a new creative process for yourself that will make you feel more inspired, productive and connected to Source energy. In this way, you will start discovering & embracing your unique expression and reclaim your sacred magical expression that will let your creativity truly explode. You will open up yourself to receive magical inspiration & you'll be amazed by what wants to be expressed through you. You will start seeing your creativity as a vessel - it's not really about you, it's about serving humanity. In this way, you will start being a true visionary & embracing co-creation instead of creating from the ego, and it will be fun and fulfilling.


inner inquiry, shadow work, journaling, emotional alchemy, root & sacral chakra work, cyclical creativity, intuitive actions


The more you will align with your Soul path, the more your will amplify your creative power & impact. You will start noticing things "miraculously" falling into place. By trusting that your creative power comes from a deeper place, you will understand the immense value and impact you can bring to the world. You will identify your WHY, you will connect with the deepest reason why you want to share and create & from there embrace your mission here on the planet. This is also the part where, naturally, by understanding the importance & value of what you create, you start embracing the idea of sharing your creativity & actually making money out of it. You will let go of the myth of the starving artist and dive deep into the social constructs and beliefs around money&creativity that are holding you back from embodying the powerful Creator you were always meant to be. You'll move past the idea of just "getting paid" for certain hours of work: by creating from your Soul, you will see the priceless impact you can create, and that you deserve to get paid for this transformation you offer. You will start seeing your intrinsic worth and recognize the amazing gifts your Soul has to offer to the world and the profound value that your work can create. You will start feeling comfortable in asking & receiving the financial income that your creations actually deserve. You will start claming your right to create abundance and freedom in your life by selling your creations to the world. You will create a more abundant life where your creative energy can thrive, expand and flourish. You will learn to honour and cherish your creations and understand their extreme importance and ability to transform and inspire others. In this way, you'll become a true custodian of your creative acts by valuing it for what they are truly worth and your Soul creations will start aligning with the natural abundance that has always been available to you.


inner inquiry, EFT Tapping, journaling, shadow work, emotional alchemy, breathwork, energy coaching, aligned actions



You we born to be creative, dear Soul. You are inherently creative because you are a human being, and your mission is to use this immense creative power you've been given to have impact on the world.

So this is a sacred practice. Your creative ideas are impressions from a place of infinity. It's about allowing your Soul to act through your body.  

You are here to serve the world by shining your essence, owning your gifts and being fully in them. Your creativity is a vessel - you are here to serve the growth of this world.

This is an extremely important mission you have, and you can't do it from a place of fear. You can't let the ego get in the way with all those "I can't do it" or "I will fail". Because this is not really about you. This is about you shining your gifts to inspire others. This is about surrendering to your mission, surrendering to yourself & let your Soul speak through you.

And your Soul doesn't speak the language of the mind - is not rational, is not logical. It might suggest you towards places and ideas that may seem risky and scary. But it's like a kind of magic: you will need to learn to trust and surrender to this power within yourself.

Shifting to creating from your Soul means that you are not creating from your mind, from fear, from your ego anymore. You really start thinking CREATIVELY, and not from a fear-based survival perspective.

You start seeing creativity as a sacred practice that is a natural expression of you and your purpose, and naturally of service to the entire world. You become in love with your mission, devoted to your creative purpose. And that's how you find true freedom.

You open up to become a portal for sacred creation, and for the flow of creative Source energy to move through you. You surrender to receive inspiration & creativity from your Intuition - an internal source rather than the external world. You will start welcoming a process of co-creation with this energy.

You start asking new questions to yourself: "What can be born through me? What wants to co-create with me? What wants to be served in the world and expressed through me?". It won't be just about you anymore. It will be about a mission, a purpose that you came here to express.

You will start entertaining infinite possibilities, you start having visions you never though could be possible for you. You will start giving your audience more, just by tapping into yourself.

When you start embodying this type of energy, your creative purpose will naturally start flowing with you in a beautiful dance and a natural cycle of giving and receiving. You will open a portal, and start creating a new reality for yourself. You will start trusting that there's a life force energy taking care of you, always available.

Creative ideas will start to drop in naturally. What you will gave birth to will feel so much more real, profound, authentic. It will hold a value that goes beyond just the material world, because it will be imbued with a different energy. A priceless, transformational and expansive energy that all the people who will experience it will feel.

Just think about the most amazing pieces of art or the most incredible creative ideas: don't they feel like coming from a misterious place, a higher and powerful place? Aren't they imbued with an energy that - you can't explain it logically -  just feels like magic?

You will start showing up because you will understand this is your sacred mission: you are here to change the world by birthing some creative magic. You will share your art because you won't be able to imagine yourself doing anything else, and give in a way that will feel aligned to you and your truth. 

You will awaken your natural creative magnetism - that is always been part of who you are. You will only start remembering the amazing Soul gifts your have to offer to the world.

And the more you will open up to receive from Source energy, the more you will be surprised to see what kind of ideas want to be expressed through you. You will look at your creations and feel touched and honoured. You will see how much they are a co-creation between you, your intuition and Source energy. It will be fun, exciting and powerful!



You're not here by mistake. You are here for a reason: because you followed an internal call.

Deep down, you know that your purpose is to create beauty and change in the world. You want to create, and share, and inspire others, & feel worthy of it. Your Soul is now inviting you to embrace a new paradigm of creation & expression. It's time to listen to it.

Here you can apply for a FREE coaching call where we can both get to know each other and you will have the chance to learn the type of work we can do together.

This type of work is intense and very transformative. Please apply only if you have the desire to start this journey.

During the booking process, you will be invited to fill up a questionnaire: please take all the time you need to answer the questions. That's how I can start understanding if this program is a good fit for you.

Please note that this is NOT just a sales call. This is a coaching session by all means. We will discuss about my program at the end of the coaching process. You will get a REAL taste of how it feels to be working with me. The session will last 60/75 minutes.

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You are a uniquely made human being, and you have been given some amazing gifts for a good reason: to share them with the world!

You are here to actively contribute to the world by being who you are. YOU are the gift. There's so much that was planted in you that the world needs, plus no one else has been given the story of your life.

You can discover what you have to offer only if you dare to be different, if you dare to get to know yourself deeply.

If you start deciding for yourself. If you drop society expectations and start listening to your heart. Your heart knows who you want to be. Not what you want to do - who you want to BE.

It's not really about a specific job or career, it's not about another label to put on yourself. There is no exact label, box or formula for who you are. You are an ocean of infinite possibilities in constant motion, and you can start discovering your ever evolving uniqueness only if you dare to dive in into this ocean.

Yes, letting the real you be shown will cause you discomfort. It's vulnerable. Putting on a mask, hiding from the world, is safer. But it's also exhausting, and lonely. And it means believing a lie.

The lie that the human being who you were created to be is not enough. The lie that you must be something else, something more, to be of value. What if, instead, the world would benefit most when you choose to be authentic, connected, genuine?

Authenticity inspires growth, inspires freedom. It breaks down barriers and builds relationship. The right people will come to you - those who are ready to embrace the real you, who will love you, support you, lift you up with the same amount of authenticity you will put out.

Allow your true self to be of service to this world.The more you will keep discovering & embracing yourself, the more you will get closer to your creative purpose, inspire others and create impact in the world - all of this just by BEING & HEALING yourself!

Think about all the people you will be able to inspire with your creations... There's someone out there, just waiting to see, hear, and listen to someone exactly LIKE YOU. Can you see the ripple effect of your work? Can you see how it can have impact on people, and then the people around these people? Aren't you excited?

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A coaching journey of this kind is a very intense transformation process based on an energetic alliance formed between me, the coach, and you, the coachee.

The exchange only works effectively when both parties engage with their energy and intention in the transformation process.

This discovery path will be guided with intuitive and transformational tools, and always customized according to your personal experience and your path.

This work will activate within you the ability to step into your power. Coaching is not counselling - you won't be told what to do and won't receive advice.

Instead, you will be guided while you make the energetic shift to activate your own unique way to express and create.

You will be encouraged to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself, you will be guided in rediscovering your intuition and the potential that is within you.

You will have the opportunity to understand who you are, in your deepest essence of being a creative spiritual being, and rediscover your higher purpose.

The goal of our sessions won't be to help you but to support you as you find the answers and tools you need to help yourself to embrace the transformation.



I'm Biancaluna, and I'll be guiding you through our 3 months together.


I'm an intuitive transformational coach, sound meditation creator, ecstatic dance & circles facilitator.


My mission is to create safe spaces for sensitive and creative people to get in touch with their inner world, discover their full potential and express who they truly are. ​


Through 1:1 coaching, sound meditations, circles, events, courses, and embodiment practices, I help sensitive and creative souls release emotions, identify their own wounds and inner conflicts, rebalance their energy, connect with their intuition, express with confidence, and experience freedom in their body, mind, and soul.

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