sound baths

Online events and in-person gatherings

I create deep healing sessions during which I guide a group of people to help them reconnect with themselves and with a sense of community through powerful practices such as meditation, sound therapy, ecstatic dance, journaling, circle singing. When in-person, the attendees will be offered tea, golden milk, cacao, or other nourishing drinks. 


Regularly, I also host live interviews & workshops.

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Experience deep inner journeys thanks to the sound of ancient instruments. You will be guided into a state of total body and mind relaxation similar to sleep during which self-healing, visions, visualization, inspiration, ideas, and insights can take place. After a sound therapy session, you will feel reinvigorated, replenished, with an open mind and a clearer focus.

sound baths & meditations


soul awakenings

Ecstatic dance is a free form dance journey where people can come together with love, freedom, and joy. Thanks to a DJ set where to both electronic and world rhythms are mixed together, you can release emotions stuck in your body, open the doors of your imagination, express yourself uninhibitedly through movement. By focusing on your body and the music, you will be able to take a break from all the chaos surrounding us and be fully grounded in the present moment. By moving your body to these liberating sounds you will be able to free your body movements, reclaim your space in the world, get in tune with your true essence, feel refreshed, revitalized, and with a clearer mind. 


ecstatic dance journeys


journaling & singing circles

Journaling circles are gatherings in the form of sitting and writing down thoughts and insights by following specific themes and questions. A journaling circle is a safe, calming, and supportive space where all emotions are welcomed and no expressions will be judged. Participants are invited to share their thoughts but never forced. The act of writing in a circle on a shared theme makes the participants feel connected, seen, heard, and witnessed, and can facilitate emotional release, improve mental health, encourage self-confidence and inspire creativity.


Singing circles are a form of chorus singing where a group of people comes together with intention and chants healing mantras and medicine songs. You don't need to be a professional, you don't need to be on key - you just need your voice. Every voice is accepted In circles singing becomes healing, liberating, and cleansing, just like crying - a way for us to use our voice and not being afraid to be loud. Through liberating our authentic voice in a safe space, we can experience freedom, release, joy, and connect with our inner world and true essence. Our voices will create a powerful energetic field and become medicine for the mind, body, and soul.

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