Dance is medicine.

Experience freedom, joy, and release in your body and soul thanks to the power of freeform dancing


dance events & celebrations

Online group events and in-person rituals - 120/180 mins

Experience release through movement and stillness, and reconnect with yourself and others

A deep releasing session during which a group of people is guided through an initial sound meditation, a long dance journey, and a closing music session with a singing circle during which voice mantras and a wide range of sounds and instruments will be used. 

coming soon

soul awakenings

dance journeys and djsets

I'm Silvia, 29 years old, born in Italy but citizen of the world. Coming from a traumatic childhood, I feel called to share my learnings and inspire others to start their own self-discovery journey as well. 


Being highly sensitive, I often feel deeply tuned into the feelings of the people around me, and have an inner desire to help them. My life is far from perfect, and my own experience and healing process inspire me to share what I've discovered.

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