I'm here to support you while you reclaim your freedom, your creative power & your mission in the world!




My style of coaching is very intuitive and always tailored to the person in front of me.

I like to integrate several themes and approaches into my work - such as Spiritual Awakening, Ego vs Soul, Embodiment, Manifestation, Moon Cicles, Cyclical Living...


When working with me, you may be guided through different practices: sound meditation, visualizations, inner child work, shadow work, journaling, breathwork, somatic practices...



I regularly host online group events such as workshops, sound baths and circles.


Through my online communities Sorelle di Luna and Innersono, I guide groups of people while reconnecting with themselves and with a sense of community through powerful practices such as meditation, sound therapy, ecstatic dance, journaling, circle singing.


Regularly, I also host live interviews & workshops.

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