A practical guide & workbook to understand what’s holding you back from expressing your true self

"I'm not good enough."
"I will probably fail."
"I won't share it until it's perfect."

"This makes me uncomfortable, I'm not doing it." 

Do you see yourself in any of the sentences above?

I know exactly how you feel.

You have something to say, to share, but you have a hard time expressing it.

You have creative gifts and skills, but you struggle to share them with the world.

You tend to hide or be ashamed of this precious side of yours for the fear of being rejected.

You feel confused, scared, overwhelmed, stuck on your creative path.


I know how you feel...

because I have
been there. 

I spent years and years hiding my creative gifts because of self-doubt, low-self esteem, insecurities.


And the first thing I want to tell you is: there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with you.


Know that you just learned these thought patterns to survive. These are coping mechanisms you learned to protect yourself from rejection and abandonment.


But now you can take responsibility for yourself and choose to face them!

The first step of any healing path is awareness and with this workbook, you will be given the tools to shine a light on your fears.


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A practical guide & workbook to understand what’s
holding you back from expressing your true self!

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I'm Biancaluna.


I'm an intuitive transformational coach, sound meditation creator, ecstatic dance & circles facilitator.


My mission is to create safe spaces for sensitive and creative people to get in touch with their inner world, discover their full potential and express who they truly are. ​


Through 1:1 coaching, sound meditations, circles, events, courses, and embodiment practices, I help sensitive and creative souls release emotions, identify their own wounds and inner conflicts, rebalance their energy, connect with their intuition, express with confidence, and experience freedom in their body, mind, and soul.

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