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Let's get to know each other by focusing on a specific topic you want to work on 


how does a session with me usually work?

When working with me, you may be guided through different practices: sound meditation, visualizations, inner child work, shadow work, journaling, breathwork, somatic practices...


All of my sessions begin with a 5-minutes sound meditation so that you can center and ground yourself in the present moment.


During the meditation, you will also be guided to set a specific intention for your session.


During our session together, I will engage in personal and deep questions that will help you become aware of your own inner world, make connections and have insights. 

My style of coaching is very intuitive and always tailored to the person in front of me.

I like to integrate several themes and approaches into my work - such as Spiritual Awakening, Ego vs Soul, Emotional Alchemy, Embodiment, Manifestation, Cyclical Living...


I will encourage you to connect to the deepest parts of yourself, guide you through your intuition and help you to tap into the power you have inside. I will help you realize who you are in your core, as a spiritual being, and discover your true purpose.

The purpose of coaching is not helping you, but supporting you while you find the answers and the tools that you need to help yourself and move forward. And these answers are already inside of you.

You will get a taste of how it feels to be working with me and also a session on a topic of your choice.


1:1 complimentary session

FREE | 1 session - 60-75 mins | ENG/ITA

Get to know me & my style of coaching

You will be redirected to a page where you can book your session. You will be asked to fill up a questionnaire before confirming your booking.


Please note that this is NOT a sales call. This is a coaching session by all means. We will discuss about possible ways to keep working together only at the end of the coaching session.


I do not normally offer single 1:1 sessions, but only monthly programs. This is your only chance to get a 1:1 session with me. This type of session can only be booked once.



I'm Biancaluna, and I'll be guiding you through our coaching session together.


I'm an intuitive transformational coach, sound meditation creator, ecstatic dance & circles facilitator, and singer at heart.


My mission is to create safe spaces for sensitive and creative people to get in touch with their inner world, discover their full potential and express who they truly are. ​


Through 1:1 coaching, sound meditations, circles, events, courses, and embodiment practices, I help sensitive and creative souls release emotions, identify their own wounds and inner conflicts, rebalance their energy, connect with their intuition, express with confidence, and experience freedom in their body, mind, and soul.


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