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Enrolling into a coaching program is a serious and important choice for yourself. Please submit your application ONLY if you are really willing to commit to a path of transformation.


After entering your details in the form below, you will receive a questionnaire by email (available both in ENG and ITA) - please fill it in with care and attention!

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Coaching is not counseling, and its purpose is not to offer advice. A 1:1 coaching program is an energetic alliance between me - coach - and you - coachee - aimed at supporting you while you recognize your potential and make the most of it for certain projects or objectives. The goal is NOT to help you, but to guide you while you discover the tools you can use to HELP YOURSELF.


A coaching path is not a substitute for therapy. If you have experienced highly traumatic experiences and suffer from disorders related to these experiences, you are invited to contact an expert.


If you have the desire to combine coaching and therapy, send me an email at silviabiancaluna@gmail.com and we will discuss about it together.

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